just helped a colleague get Kedro Viz working. two...
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just helped a colleague get Kedro Viz working. two observations: • Kedro Viz launched, but
was not working. I suspect it's because they were using an SSH connection to a Linux machine on AWS.
worked perfectly. any reason to use the IP directly? (user was on Windows) • their pipelines were huuuuuuge. he asked me about a way to group sub-pipelines visually, but I'm not versed enough. is there any way to do it?
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and the top left you can filter by registered pipelines
Regarding 1. were they launching it through vscode? VScode autoforwards my kedro-viz ports when I’m working on a remote server.
they launched from VSCode indeed
I haven’t looked too much into how vscode does that, but maybe some issue with config there could be causing it. If they do the port-forwarding manually (
ssh -L 4141: hostname
) it might give some more insight into what is going wrong
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cc @Javier Goez Sanz 🙂
This reminds me, I’ve had issues with
kedro-viz --autoreload
leaving processes running when I quit it using
which then leaves the default port blocked. I’ve had to manually kill individual processes bc it seems to spawn subprocesses. Has anybody had this issue? (Note I’m on an old version, 4.6.0 so it might have been fixed)
interesting. i think that's a new one and don't remember hearing that before today
Ok @Tynan in that case I will try to get repro steps and post an issue in the repository, I will also verify whether or not it happens on the latest version
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great, thank you very much!