In kedro kubeflow, GPU resource specified in kubef...
# plugins-integrations
In kedro kubeflow, GPU resource specified in kubeflow.yaml is not be applied, even though the other cpu/memory settings are:
cpu: 8
memory: 8Gi
<|>: 1
Then in the pod, the gpu specification is not there:
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          cpu: '8'
          memory: 8Gi
          cpu: '8'
          memory: 8Gi
What might cause this?
Um, maybe because the docs suggest it will work, but the code doesn’t know anything about
Oh, good catch - that’s a regression on our side. Could you please create an issue on GH and we will fix it?
BTW, I don’t think that’s a regression. I didn’t check every version but I didn’t see it implemented sampling through all the prior 0.x tags. I was going to try monkeypatching it but I’m not sure how the to deal with the special characters in
that are illegal in python variables…