Happy 2023 teamThis must be a dumb question but wh...
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Happy 2023 teamThis must be a dumb question but when running
kedro viz
an error message "No such command 'viz'" shows and
kedro -h
doesn't list 'viz' option either. I followed a template project pandas-iris
Are you running the command from the root directory of the project? Make sure it contains
, etc.
Scratch that, have you installed Kedro-Viz?
I think you are in the project, because you see other project commands
yes, it is in the project directory. Okay, so I need to install this separate package 'Kedro-Viz'. It is not mentioned in the Get Started document. It reads like you just need to run this command and i thought viz is already part of standard kedro installation
The requirements.txt comes alone with this template doesn't have Kedro-Viz for sure
Kedro-Viz is a plug-in, so its by design that it's not included in the starter requirements. That being said, you're right that the docs don't include that; do you want to raise a PR to update the docs, else I'll do it shortly.
I will raise a PR
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Awesome! Shoot me a link if you want when you have it, and I'll review it.
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Reading the first sentence on "Getting started with Kedro-Viz"
Kedro-Viz is a key part of Kedro
Do you think it also would have been less clear if it said something like
Kedro-Viz is a key part of the Kedro ecosystem
Both are fine and clear to present the relationship between Kedro & Kedro-Viz. But it would be much more clear to mention that Kedor-Viz needs to be installed separately in order to run
Kedro Viz
. For some open-source projects, separate plug-in is also be included in the standard installation(template project etc) so worth mentioning
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Thanks for your help Datta,
Kedro Viz
is happy now 🙂 after installing the package. This is the PR for doc update https://github.com/kedro-org/kedro/pull/2191 . Cheers
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