Hey, I have a quick kedro-viz question. When I tr...
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Hey, I have a quick kedro-viz question. When I try to deploy a static, updated kedro-viz of the pipeline on the machine along with the project's API, I get pip dependency conflicts with fastapi and uvicorn cuz kedro-viz requires older versions:
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my app requires fastapi==0.81.0, but you have fastapi 0.66.1 which is incompatible.
my app requires uvicorn[standard]==0.18.3, but you have uvicorn 0.17.6 which is incompatible.
I also see that the kedro-static-viz plugin is dead for like 2 years already: https://github.com/WaylonWalker/kedro-static-viz Hence, what is an advised way of deploying this viz with the latest versions? Does anybody use it in a small container, provides it with project's code and/or the json file, and starts it with --load-file FILE args? If not, is there any nice solution to this? 🙂