:kedro: Hi @here This is a quick announcement that...
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K Hi @here This is a quick announcement that Kedro **0.18.3 is out! K
TLDR: In this release, we introduce a new autodiscovery project pipelines feature, improved the IPython experience with an alias, and
now accepts keywords arguments. There are couple of fixes to make Rich’s log less verbose and work better with Databricks.
Kedro 0.18.3 is a non-breaking release in the 0.18.x series, which means you can upgrade with:
pip install kedro==0.18.3
conda install -c conda-forge kedro==0.18.3
🚀 Major Features/Changes • [NEW] - autodiscovery of project pipelines. See our documentation for more details. • The Kedro IPython extension should now be loaded with
%load_ext kedro.ipython
. • The line magic
now accepts keywords arguments, e.g.
%reload_kedro --env=prod
. • Improved resume pipeline suggestion for
, it will backtrack the closest persisted inputs to resume. 🪲 Bug fixes and other changes • Changed default
value for rich logging
, to make sure credentials and other sensitive data isn’t shown in logs. • Rich traceback handling is disabled on Databricks so that exceptions now halt execution as expected. • When using
kedro run -n [some_node]
, if
is missing a namespace the resulting error message will suggest the correct node name. • The Kedro IPython extension now surfaces errors when it cannot load a Kedro project. • And more … You can find the full list of changes in the release notes: https://github.com/kedro-org/kedro/releases/tag/0.18.3
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