<!here> There are a few things happening in Octobe...
# announcements
<!here> There are a few things happening in October. It's
and it's time for Kedro Showcase!
Look out for `hacktoberfest` tickets on the Kedro GitHub issues and start get contributing. We have a range of documentation tickets all the way to feature development. An easier contribution would be to add your company to our "Who Likes Kedro?" list on our README.md kedroid Kedro Showcase Join us for the Kedro Roadmap Showcase! We'll spotlight the 0.18.x releases and where we're going next. Additionally, we'll spend time discussing one of our upcoming changes to how we handle datasets in Kedro. Expect a lot of updates on new functionality and an open forum with the core team. Bring your questions and, we look forward to seeing you! ā€¢ Event 1 (9AM BST): https://www.meetup.com/meetup-group-zltyafrj/events/288920310/ ā€¢ Event 2 (4 PM BST): https://www.meetup.com/meetup-group-zltyafrj/events/288920571/
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