Hi <@U046V0QC124>, Saw your LinkedIn post highlig...
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Hi @Juan Luis, Saw your LinkedIn post highlighting the HTML-powered scikit-learn docs: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/juanluiscanor_python-sklearn-opensource-activity-7215238568644927488-LSgK What especially caught my attention was "Also: We need less GenAI and more of this 😉". Could you ellaborate on that? Is "GenAI admittedly shortens the feedback loop when programming. But it turns out that there are many other improvements we can implement that cost a million times less :)" the reason you say that or is there more to it? I tend to find GenAI useful to get me started on stuff I've never done before, and I also find it can help my colleages that don't have much programming experience yet get started with Python. Or for documenting my code hehe 😇
hey @Joost Gevaert ! my point (personal opinion, as all I dump on LinkedIn) is that there’s a strong focus on GenAI-powered coding assistants that do help a lot (I use them sparingly for some things) but that small quality-of-life improvements in APIs, function names, IDE helpers (like this one I showed, or our own Kedro VS Code extension), faster runtimes, more readable error messages etc etc have an arguably bigger impact on Developer eXperience (fancy way of saying “developers loving the tools they use and thus their job”)
so they’re complementary approaches, but I contend that we should not forget about striving for simplicity, ease of use :) does that make sense?
Yes, makes total sense! Totally agree that we should strive for simplicity, and think that it's important to stay critical
Especially with GenAI saying all kinds of stuff...
Have experienced that RAG GenAI says that it got such and such from a certain source it links to, you go there, and then such and such is nowhere to be found...
I like good docs very much, often much more than GenAI :)
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