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Brandon Meek

03/28/2024, 4:00 PM
Hey all, I'm a huge fan of Kedro-Viz and love using it when doing code review, but is there a way to show the SQL associated with a SQLDataset?
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Ravi Kumar Pilla

03/28/2024, 4:07 PM
Hi Brandon, Good to hear you enjoy using Kedro Viz. Do you mean the SQLQuery associated or the SQLTableDataset ?
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We will be having SQLTableDataset preview available soon. But I am not sure if we show the SQL query associated as of now

Brandon Meek

03/28/2024, 4:17 PM
Honestly I never use the SQLTableDataset, most of the tables I use regularly are terabytes in size, so I use the pandas.SQLQueryDataset or a custom dataset based off of the SQLQueryDataset but edited for my company's unique way of accessing the data But it would be really helpful to have the
section of the dataset in the catalog populate in kedro-viz
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Juan Luis

03/28/2024, 5:29 PM
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03/28/2024, 5:51 PM
So I think this actually falls into the - “can we have a grid / data dictionary” view of the catalog in viz