Hi! I am excited to use the new <NetCDFDataSet cla...
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Hi! I am excited to use the new NetCDFDataSet class with xarray. My (ultrasound) data isn't an exact fit for NetCDF because it can be complex. In xarray, I use the workarounds:
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invalid_netcdf: true
    engine: h5netcdf
which works pretty well for me for saving HDF5 that is close-but-not-exactly NetCDF. However, the current Kedro implementation of saving to a `bytes_buffer` doesn't work with the non-default/non-scipy engine. Is there a workaround to use the
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hi @Charles Guan! oh, I see:
File-like objects are only supported by the scipy engine.
that's unfortunate. the way we usually compensate for this is by copying from the fsspec location to a temporary file. would you like to open an issue in https://github.com/kedro-org/kedro-plugins/issues describing your use case?
yup, that's the
limitation that I run into. I'll open a Github issue. Thanks!
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