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Santiago Zuluaga

02/20/2024, 8:54 PM
Hi, I´m trying to do a automatic retry execution if there´s an error in a node of my pipeline. (I do this basically because a request or the scrapping that I do in my process could fail). I do this with hook
, in the hook I simply do this:
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class RetryExecution():
    def on_node_error(self, node: Node, error, catalog, inputs):
        print(f"The exception was:{error}")
        print("Retrying execution...")
        if error:
            with KedroSession.create() as session:
But this create a second session, and doesn´t retries the first one. Someone knows if there´s a way to do this better? Also, is there a way to retry the execution but from node where it failed. Thanks!

Juan Luis

02/21/2024, 7:33 AM
there used to be a decorator in Kedro to retry nodes could you try this approach? I think it will work better than the