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12/26/2023, 7:35 PM
Hello everyone, I have some trouble recently with running a kedro pipeline inside a docker. I am using the kedro-docker plugin, and my problem comes with globals variables. I am using kedro 0.19 and I have a simple globals.yml file with yolov8: yolov8m parameter. I use it in my parameters.yml like this : yolov8_path: "data/01_raw/${globals:yolov8}.pt" When i build my image with kedro docker build and run it with kedro docker run, everything works great. But when i try to do a docker run or a kedro run inside my docker, then I have this error : "Globals key 'yolov8' not found and no default value provided". I am not sure if this is a problem with kedro globals or just my understanding of kedro-docker... Any help would be appreciated. (basically I would like to run my kedro container without using kedro-docker because it needs an env setup)

Nok Lam Chan

12/27/2023, 12:14 AM
Is the globals yml exist when you run it inside a docker?
And did you start this project with 0.19? Make sure you check the migration guide if you have an older project and just upgraded recently.


12/27/2023, 9:26 AM
Hi, thanks for your answer, yes the globals is here inside the docker. And i was already using globals with OmegaConf in 0.18. I did the migration steps but mostly for pyproject.toml ect... I used the kedro-docker plugin to generate the dockerfile
Here is the project in case in can be helpful
It works well when doing kedro docker run... Any ideas why that would be different when doing docker run or kedro run inside the docker ?
Btw, can someone explain more in details this part of the 0.19 migration ? • Removed the custom Kedro syntax for
, use the OmegaConf syntax instead by replacing
. Thanks