Hello guys.. i have a question regarding kedro 0.1...
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Hello guys.. i have a question regarding kedro 0.19.1. when i run pytest my test cases are being loaded but somehow CONFIG_LOADER_ARGS are not being loaded from settings.py present in main pipeline directory. In older version 0.18.14 they were loading though i understand there is change in format of the ARGS dictionary i am not able to point out the reason. Help is appreciated.
How does the config looks like? Settings should exist in the root directory of project not the pipeline directory, it has been always like that.
https://github.com/kedro-org/kedro/blob/main/RELEASE.md does the migration guide helps? You may need to provide the base env and default run env explicitly.
settings.py is located in src/project-name... not inside pipeline folder
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thing is i had to reinitialize settings.CONFiG_LOADER_ARGS in my conftest.py file as a workaround..
after that reinitialization my pytest is working fine
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