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james troye

09/23/2023, 2:55 PM
guys,i am studing kedro-docker plugin There is a tip in Note: The kedro docker run command adds --rm flag to the underlying docker run call, therefore the container will be automatically removed when it exits. Please make sure that you persist all necessary data outside the container at runtime to avoid data loss. I placed all the output result tables outside the container (/tmp/) in catalog.yml, but after executing kedro docker run, I did not see the result table in tmp. Is this normal? If I want to save the output results table, what should I do? Thank you in advance to our enthusiastic community partners!


09/25/2023, 7:22 AM
You have to mount a volume to your container:
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kedro docker run --docker-args "-v <your local path>:/tmp/"
Read about the docker volumes here
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james troye

09/27/2023, 6:05 AM
@marrrcin Thank you so much for your guidance! It seems that I still have to study the docker documentation carefullyT T