Hi all, Is there an alternative to <kedro factory ...
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Hi all, Is there an alternative to kedro factory datasets in kedro version<=0.18.6. Thanks
but if you’re on 0.18.x you should be able to upgrade to any later version without issue
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Thank you @Deepyaman Datta . Follow up question: Is there a way to read any parameter.yml or globals.yml field from within the jinja syntax? I want to do something like this:
{% for a in globals.param %}
where params is in globals.yml or can be in parameters.yml and is a list of values. I tried adding it outside the jinja block but it gives an error. jinja block is to be the first block of code within catalog.yml. Any suggestions?
it’s not natively possible - people have managed to get this working with funky stuff in settings.py
but dataset factories is the modern way of doing this
and we’re keen to phase out jinja
Okay, I can't upgrade the kedro version yet due to other package dependencies. @datajoely If you come across any such setting can you please share that here in this thread.
so if you wanted to do this sort of pattern you can add whatever you like to the globals scope: https://github.com/kedro-org/kedro/issues/2640