hey everyone, Im trying to fill the parameters fi...
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hey everyone, Im trying to fill the parameters file at the moment. I was wondering if i had a hyperparams defined below, how to move that to yaml
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"sgdr__max_iter": st.randint(100, 1000),
    "sgdr__eta0": st.uniform(0.001, 0.2),
    "sgdr__alpha": st.uniform(0.001, 1.0),
    "sgdr__loss": [
since st is
import scipy.stats as st
i was wondering if this is possible in the yaml parameters atm 🤔
if you’re using OmegaConfigLoader - I think - you can define a custom resolver to do this
we’ve held off allowing full unsafe YAML so this is the balance we’ve found
Ah yes, that way i could work 👍
gratitude thank you
this does defeat the idea of reproducibility that we try to encourage
but it looks like you know what you’re doing
yes, my pipeline runs on different units so a dist works better in my case. Thanks for the input 🙂
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Shout if you get stuck 💪
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