:kedro: @here, we’re happy to announce that kedro-...
# announcements
K @here, we’re happy to announce that kedro-datasets 1.4.0 is out! 🎉 kedro-datasets is a separate PyPI package where Kedro datasets live. ⚠️ kedro.extras.datasets are deprecated and will be removed in Kedro 0.19, so these improvements won’t be backported. to benefit from them, run pip install “kedro-datasets==1.4.0” and check out the complete list of datasets in our documentation https://docs.kedro.org/en/stable/kedro_datasets.html 🚀 Major Features/Changes sparksparksparksparksparksparksparksparkspark Added SparkStreamingDataSet kedroid Community contributions Thank you to @tingting wan, Tom Kurian Until next time, The Kedro Team 💛
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