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# announcements
KKKKK Kedro-Viz 6.2.0 is out! KKKKK @here we're excited to announce that Kedro-Viz 6.2.0 is out! šŸ„³ If you've not yet used it, Kedro-Viz is the interactive development tool for building and visualising data science pipelines with Kedro. It enables you to monitor the status of your ML project, present it to stakeholders, and smoothly bring new team members onboard. Kedro-Viz also comes with an experiment tracking feature enabling you to compare different runs of a Kedro project, and you can also preview code and datasets. We've added some major new features in this version. Check out the demo and get full details in the release notes. šŸš€*What can you expect in this release?* ā€¢ You can now now use experiment tracking collaboratively. This means that multiple users can store their experiment data in a centralised remote storage, such as AWS S3, and access it through Kedro-Viz. You can checkout the tutorial here. How do I get the latest release? ā€¢ Python:
pip install kedro-viz==6.2.0
ā€¢ React:
npm install @quantumblack/kedro-viz@latest
What's next? ā€¢ Collaborative experiment tracking version 2. ā€¢ Rebrand of Kedro. ā€¢ Shareable URLs for Kedro-Viz pipeline visualisation. Follow our roadmap for more updates, and suggest future features to the community. Until next time, The Kedro Team šŸ’œ
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