hello ! :slightly_smiling_face: I’m working in a p...
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hello ! 🙂 I’m working in a project using kedro-glass / hydra-config loader with the next structure: 3 pipelines (master+model+prediction). And for some reason the
kedro viz
is not working properly, is displaying like all nodes in one row, very weirds. There are not error in the terminal when is executed and my kedro-viz version is 6.0.1. Does anyone knows what could be happening? is Like kedro viz is not recognising the connection between nodes in pipelines.
hello this isn’t open source Kedro unfortunately we can’t support that here
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Encountered the same issue! Is there any way of creating a kedro viz for a particular pipeline when your project (repo) might contain multiple pipelines? Thanks a lot!
kedro viz --pipeline x
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