Hello there! is there a limitation in terms of the...
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Hello there! is there a limitation in terms of the naming convention in 'src' folder structure? I was planning to organize some of my nodes based on the order of execution/flow. e.g. src L engine L nodes L 000-raw L 100-cleanse L 200-refine can kedro parse ###-AAA as a prefix?
Not at all, everything within
is a Python package. You'd obviously have to update the import paths based on what you do.
I appreciate your response @yutende! 🥰 Updated my question. I pre-maturely entered. To respond to your answer, yes I did update the import path, but still not working. 😞 It seems it doesn't parse or read paths that has a prefix of numbers.
Just to add a few comments, I think having order for small pipelines is fine, but that’s isn’t maintainable as your pipelines grow and you need to re-use the functions. If you need to understand the topology of your execution flow, have you tried
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@Nok Lam Chan Thank you for your reply! I concur that the pipeline's size is a significant factor to consider, but we also want to ensure that it is easy to manage. It would be much simpler for developers to create something without having to worry about where to place specific functions or code. We are presently employing kedro-viz to view the execution flow, although it does not accurately represent the actual structure, and we would like to find a way to reflect that more accurately.
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