Hi everyone, I am trying to log the version of a v...
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Hi everyone, I am trying to log the version of a versioned model that is used to make an inference and then add that alongside the inference output as either a column or a separate key. Do you know if this is something that is possible to do without a complicated workaround? For example, a model is trained and saved as a versioned dataset then in a different pipeline run the model is loaded to make an inference, and we would like to log that version timestamp name as a column in the predicted score table. The push is to add transparency to be able to note which model version has been used to make an inference score.
Hey @Ryan Ng there a few ways to approach this: • You could do a super simple subclass our
or the underlying dataset your using to add the key automatically i.e.
which automatically adds the extra column you describe above when used in your catalog. • You could do this on a more macro level using Kedro Hooks • You could also use Kedro’s native experiment tracking as an alternative workflow, but with minimal code changes.
Thanks for the suggestion! @datajoely - we're not able to use kedro viz at the minute so will explore the first 2 options for now 🙂
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