Hi friends, has anyone ever deployed kedro project...
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Hi friends, has anyone ever deployed kedro projects behind some kind of
lightweight HTTP API
? I'm thinking one
POST request
to start a run and then a
GET request
to poll the run status etc. ? Is there any reference material that you could point me to?
Not sure if this might help you? https://github.com/mmchougule/kedro-grpc-server
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That defo looks relevant but also https://bitbucket.org/indiciumtech/kedro_fast_api/src/master/ Is anyone who is working on this in this slack? I can't seem to find any of the names in https://bitbucket.org/indiciumtech/kedro_fast_api/commits/ here 🤔
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We did do this for our COVID-19 epidemiological model, but it relies on an internal plugin. The link that Hamza shared is a somewhat similar approach, but with gRPC, or may be able to dig up the plugin.