Hey Team, I was wondering if there was an elegant ...
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Hey Team, I was wondering if there was an elegant solution to overwrite parameters dynamically? I am instanciating a pipeline 12 times, but they all need to run with a different parameter called date_max, e.g. “07/01/22” for the first one, and the other ones are decrementing one month, e.g. “06/01/22"... etc.. The pipelines are generated of a template dynamically and ideally I would just pass the adjusted parameter.
I would suggest overwriting the parameter from the kedro run call, something like:
kedro run --params="filter.date_max:2022/07/1"
You could have 12 calls like this, or encode something in your Makefile/Shell script to run it?
well okay, actually i have a makefile right now that runs it 12 times. But after that I need to merge the outputs and run them through a model. Right now I am doing this by hand. My goal however is to automate that process. So the Pipeline runs with the 12 sub-pipelines. An I would need to set 12 dates each run then (via airflow or similar) which is error prone-