Hi Team, working my way through the spaceflight-tu...
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Hi Team, working my way through the spaceflight-tutorial I found that running
kedro build-docs
would pull down the latest jinja2 version 3.1.2 which then caused an error as
was deprecated in version 3.1.0. I manually downgraded jinja2 to version 3.0.3 and all worked fine. Not sure if it is just me or a general issue. Is posting bugs like this here the right thing to do? I had a look at your open issues on the Github repo but couldn't find anything related.
@Nok Lam Chan just merged a fix for this a couple of hours ago 😄
ahh - great stuff. Thanks for letting me know.
@Sean Westgate Thanks for reporting - it’s indeed missing in some of the starters. I fixed the one in
but not the starters
Feel free to report small bugs here - if it’s a big one with lots of contexts, it’s preferred to open an Issue on GitHub so it’s easier to track.
@Nok Lam Chan - thanks for the info. Indeed I used the
for the tutorial.
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