We are trying to build an API using Kedro. I under...
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We are trying to build an API using Kedro. I understand that the kedro loads data in a lazy manner. Is there any feature way we can persist this lookup data in DataCatalog? We might be able to keep a robust and fast API using a combination of lazy and eager load on DataCatalog.
Exposing Kedro with API seem to become more common, I have seen a few people asking about it recently, if you have more opinion about it, please share them with us and help us understand what is needed. https://github.com/kedro-org/kedro/issues/1846
How are you exposing Kedro to your API? Are you using
or just
? If you are using
- data are lazily loaded, and the dataset is released as soon as they are not needed. If you are using
directly - you have finer control to when to release or load the data