Hi team, I have a quick question regarding `kedro ...
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Hi team, I have a quick question regarding
kedro viz
. When I try to re-open
kedro viz
for the second time, after using ā€œ^zā€ to terminate the 1st use, I often receive an error message like the following. Is there anything I should do differently to prevent this from happening (e.g., a different way to terminate)?
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[Errno 48] error while attempting to bind on address ('', 4141):        server.py:156
                             address already in use
seems like the process doesn't actually stop after the first time you try and kill it? i would just press
a few times to ensure it shuts down
Hi Tynan, I see the issue here - I was using
which only suspends but not terminate the process. šŸ„². Control+C works fine the 2nd time. Thanks!
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