Hi Team, is there a way to increase verbosity in k...
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Hi Team, is there a way to increase verbosity in kedro, if I am running a model (say tensorflow) and I want to see metrics of each epoch, I am currently unable to see each iteration metrics when I run them as part of pipeline. Something like this:
So I think you’d have to add the logging yourself, what are you looking to do?
I am running a model, and I want to see output like this in console when its running:
Where I can see results of each epoch or iteration
this is a Keras problem not a Kedro one, it’s not my area but you need This answer looks helpful, just grab a logger using the standard way `
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logger= logging.getLogger(__name__) 
<http://logger.info|logger.info>('my message')
Thanks, although I have been facing this issue with other libraries as well, some of the logs arent printed in console
I don’t think Kedro will change this behavior, but look for
and try to change the level of
logger if necessary