Hi, I can see that in <0.18.2> release this has be...
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Hi, I can see that in 0.18.2 release this has been added:
Kedro now uses the Rich library to format terminal logs and tracebacks
Is there any way to revert to plain console logging and not use rich logging when running a Kedro pipeline using the Sequential Runner from the API and not via
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runner = SequentialRunner()
runner.run(pipeline_object, catalog, hook_manager)
I tried to look for configuration, but I believe you can only add configuration if you are in a kedro project and intend to run with Kedro CLI. Any ideas?
In your
folder you may have a
if you don’t you can copy and paste this example (and update the cookiecutter placeholders) here and tweak the rich part with the standard logging handler
oh I see you want to tweak behaviour
you can to do this maybe
I don’t know if this helps? https://github.com/kedro-org/kedro/issues/1728 @Andreas Adamides I am curious why you don’t want the project? You seems to use these lower level Component quite heavily, I am just curious what’s the use cases.
@datajoely appears to have worked
@Nok Lam Chan you can reach out to my team lead , he can explain everything , every time I post something about my use case, you come out as almost being irritated that I am using this approach to run kedro 🙂
It’s not recommended to create the session object yourself
the framework is built with some key assumptions that using this components yourself makes it difficult for us to support if you go off piste
if you look at any of the tutorials or starter projects they don’t adopt this pattern
The main reason we are running kedro in this way(programmatically rather than cli/from project), is because we would like to have the flexibility to not run interactively. We publish Kedro projects in a python registry, which are then pip installable from anywhere with access, and we then dynamically run them in remote servers.
So in 0.19.x we’re going to support a much more elegant way of decoupling runtime configuration from packaged projects
but in general this isn’t the encouraged way to work with it today
Kedro project today is pip-installable and can be executed as a standalone python package (without the project). The runtime config is indeed less flexible today and is something that we would like to improve.
I think of “project mode” as a development mode and “packaged project” as a deployment mode, though I have seen many people just deploy the entire Kedro project and trigger them on a notebook. I think once we allow runtime config then less people will do the latter.
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