Hi, I created a catalog.py under src/my_test/cata...
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Hi, I created a catalog.py under src/my_test/catalog.py and added changes as in the documentation:
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from <http://kedro.io|kedro.io> import DataCatalog
from kedro.extras.datasets.pillow import ImageDataSet

io = DataCatalog( {
            "cauliflower": ImageDataSet(filepath="data/01_raw/cauliflower"),
But I dont see this in the catalog and get an error when I reference this in the pipeline node that the entry doesnt exist in the catalog. Am I missing something here? Note: this is on the latest version of kedro kedro, version 0.18.3 I just joined the channel, if I am bot using the right format or channel to ask this question, please let me know . Thanks in advance!
hello I think you’ve stumbled onto the wrong path. I think if you follow the Spaceflights tutorial you’ll get a better view of how to configure that catalog via that YAML api, rather than the Python API
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Thanks, will check that. Is there any good example for using the python API. For now I dont have a good reason to not use the YAML, just wanted to scratch an itch :D
so, especially when you’re just getting started, I’m not going to encourage it 😛
so follow the tutorial then we’ll talk 🙂