Hi team! I have a pair of questions about the plot...
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Hi team! I have a pair of questions about the plotly chart visualisation of the spaceflights tutorial, described in the docs for 18.3 here. Context: I'm working on a revision of those docs to make it a bit more straightforward by adding a new pipeline for
. More context: I took the basic spaceflights starter as it will be after 18.4, which means I stripped out the namespaces/modular pipelines, so the example code is more straightforward. You can see the starter on the repo here (when we put out release 18.4 it'll be merged and available immediately for access via
kedro new --starter=spaceflights
) but right now you'll need to use
kedro new --starter=spaceflights --checkout=68a27db42335366b07f9362f677d69684ec4e942
OK, so here's my example code with a reporting pipeline but when I
kedro run
and then
kedro viz
I see a different graphic to the one in the docs: TL;DR -- what are the questions? Q1: Is this viz correct? If it is not supposed to look like this, please roast my pipeline. Q2: I tried to save my visualisation with
kedro viz --save-file my_shareable_pipeline.json
but when I then reload it with
kedro viz --load-file my_shareable_pipeline.json
I don't see the chart. So question 2 is: what's wrong with my viz?
Thanks in advance for any advice. LMK if you need more information.
I have some feedback from the team on these questions (thanks @Rashida Kanchwala). Q1: Yes, the viz is correct Q2: It's a known issue and will be fixed