Hi kedroids! Sorry for noob question. I’m working ...
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Hi kedroids! Sorry for noob question. I’m working with sql database as source of data and pandas.SQLQueryDataSet works well
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  type: pandas.SQLQueryDataSet
  credentials: postgres_re_db
  sql: SELECT * FROM rr_norm.sample_gov_torgi
Unfortunately, the amount of queries grows fast and catalog.yaml starts bloating with long query strings. Also, it looks like not a good idea to keep sql queries strings within the catalog.yaml itself for reproducibility. What would be the most kedroic/pythonic approach to extract queries from the catalog.yaml to a separate folder/module? AFAIK (or understood from googling) yaml doesn’t natively has include/import features?
You can simply point the dataset to a file with the query, using the
argument instead of
(see the docs https://kedro.readthedocs.io/en/stable/kedro.extras.datasets.pandas.SQLQueryDataSet.html)
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these can be kept in the
folder, or in any other folder in the project that you create (e.g.,
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Omg, thank you so much! And thats a great reminder to read docs till the very end :)) the filepath parameter IS (and always was) there!
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