How do you handle nested objects in a `tracking.JS...
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How do you handle nested objects in a
? I thought about (and tried) flattening the dictionary in the node. It works but is there another way I'm missing to achieving a more pleasing result?
in this scenario, this is the expected outcome. we don't do any special type of formatting for nested objects here because we've rarely seen this need arise. so currently, there's no way to achieve a more pleasing result. i guess you'd want to see the nested object formatted in a nicer way? from a design point of view that becomes tricky and probably wouldn't scale well with many nested objects. happy to hear suggestions of what you think would be a better implementation here though, either in this thread or in a github issue ☺️
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@Lorenzo Castellino, I just realised that we fixed this in the latest release of Kedro-Viz.
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