Hello again me :slightly_smiling_face: To write a...
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Hello again me ­čÖé To write a file (csv, pandas or other) with kedro_dataset API as MatplotlibWriter (or other) whe sould specify the credentials. In documentation, credentials should be wrote like that:
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credentials: Credentials required to get access to the underlying filesystem.
                E.g. for ``S3FileSystem`` it should look like:
                `{'key': '<id>', 'secret': '<key>'}}`
But is it possible to add the endpoint_url like that:
{'key': '<id>', 'secret': '<key>'}, 'client_kwargs': {'endpoint_url': '<http://myurl:9000>'}}
? When i use the API code it doesnt work but when I use the catalog it works.
under the key
you can provide any of the arguments that fsspec support https://filesystem-spec.readthedocs.io/en/latest/api.html
Thank you ­čÖé