# questions

Olivia Lihn

01/31/2023, 7:28 PM
Hi everyone! Is there anyway of taking a column from a csv dataset as a parameter for another pipeline? We have a csv file with features that need to be created and we need to pass a these features as a list to another node as a parameter. Any ideas?

Ian Whalen

01/31/2023, 8:55 PM
I think you might be doing something similar to what I’ve done on one of my teams in the past. Might make sense to DM me 😁 But the short answer is that we defined a custom dataset to do this. Then this custom structure is passed around in addition to the usual parameters. You might be able to do something fancy with this hook. Perhaps you could check if this list of features to create is defined in your
dict already and if not read it from the CSV? That way you could have it both ways through the usual yaml interface and the CSV you’re supplying .
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