Hello kedroids ! Do you know how to pass boolean p...
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Hello kedroids ! Do you know how to pass boolean parameter in CLI ?
kedro run --params key:false
kedro run --params key:False
return string
'False' or 'false'
. I know i cant set parameter to 0 or '' to have the false condition but there is a better way ? thx 🙂
so I’ve just created a ticket for this - for now things will always coerce till strings!
if you really want custom behaviour you can define your own
thanks for you quickly answer ! 🙂
I wrote it this morning! another user mentioned this last week
commenting on the issue always helps bump up the priority!
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ok perfect 🙂 thx
Just to check, this doesn’t resolve to boolean if you use the new 0.18.5 syntax with
instead of
I am testing with latest version, both syntax resolves the boolean correctly for me
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This PR https://github.com/kedro-org/kedro/pull/2120/files already solve this problem, I dropped a comment on the metioned GH issue.
@Massinissa Saïdi Can you try upgrading kedro with
pip install kedro==0.18.5
if you are on
versions? We just released it today! Would be great if you can confirm this fix the issue .
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