Hello everyone, I’m just wondering if kedro has a...
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Hello everyone, I’m just wondering if kedro has any builtin capacity for scheduling a simple daily run pipeline? I know a proper way might be relying on a scheduler such as airflow. But just curious the minimal steps required, do we have any cron like kedro cli magic on this? Couldn’t find any info, so really appreciate it if you could point me to relavent documentation.
Kedro is mainly built for authoring of the pipelines, the deployment part is offloaded to external plugins or tools. From the FAQ of Kedro:
Everyone sees the pipeline abstraction in Kedro and gets excited, thinking that we’re similar to orchestrators like Airflow, Luigi, Prefect, Dagster, Flyte, Kubeflow and more. We focus on a different problem, which is the process of authoring pipelines, as opposed to running, scheduling and monitoring them.
The responsibility of “What time will this pipeline run?“, “How do I manage my compute?” and “How will I know if it failed?” is left to the orchestrators. We also have deployment guidelines for using orchestrators as deployment targets and are working in collaboration with the maintainers of some of those tools to make the deployment experience as enjoyable as possible.
Source https://kedro.readthedocs.io/en/stable/faq/faq.html#how-does-kedro-compare-to-other-projects
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The minimal steps would be to: 1. Package the Kedro project in a Docker container 2. Schedule execution of this container in any tool
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If you are fine with cron you can just schedule a cron job which just call Kedro run.
Wouldn’t recommend for production though.
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Thanks guys I think I got the idea now.