:kedro: Hi @here! This is to announce that <Kedro ...
# announcements
K Hi @here! This is to announce that Kedro 0.18.6 is out! K
TLDR: In this release, we include a bug-fix to ensure experiment tracking as expected following a regression in Kedro 0.18.5.
Kedro 0.18.6 is a non-breaking release in the 0.18.x series, which means you can upgrade with:
pip install kedro==0.18.6
conda install -c conda-forge kedro==0.18.6
🪲 Bug fix in more detail • The bug was a regression, introduced in 0.18.5, which caused experiment tracking to fail within the Kedro-Viz console. Details of the fix can be found in this PR. • Users who were affected by this bug need to ◦ upgrade to 0.18.6 ◦ delete any session entries on your
) that you have created while using the Kedro 0.18.5 version. • Thanks to kedroids @tomohiko kato here on Slack and tsanikgr and maddataanalyst on GitHub for very detailed reports about the bug ⚙️ Other changes in 0.18.6 You can find the full list of changes in the release notes: https://github.com/kedro-org/kedro/releases/tag/0.18.6 We welcome every community contribution, large or small. See what we're working on now and report bugs or suggest future features
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