I think this is really cool: <https://kedro.org/bl...
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I think this is really cool: https://kedro.org/blog/share-a-kedro-viz-with-github-pages A plausible use case for me is to have the Kedro-viz content be a part of a larger website. Something like a tab I can click on the site which would display the kedro-viz diagrams and menus. Are there any resources explaining how that might be done?
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@Rashida Kanchwala Do you have any ideas on how that could work? Maybe related to the react component stuff the team is working on?
Yes, @Galen Seilis, we are abt to release an improvised kedro-viz that can be embedded easily in another website. And we allow the uer to configure what they want to show/hide, such as only flowchart and metadata panel etc. We will be releasing this feature next week and will loop you in once it is!
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