Hey, I am facing strange issues with configuratio...
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Hey, I am facing strange issues with configuration folders and kedro-mlflow and need your support to confirm a very basic thing. Suppose my conf/ has base/, local/, dev/, uat/ folders and I run the pipeline via
kedro run --env=dev
I understand that content inside local/ and uat/ would be completely ignored, right? The problem I am trying to solve is related to kedro-mlflow hook, that runs after
. I see it run multiple times with different mlflow.yml files being read there and I am not sure if each of the config folders can have its own mlflow.yml file.
Hi @Bartłomiej Szpak, your understanding that running
kedro run --env=dev
ignores anything in
is correct. These docs explain in more detail how the environments and overwriting works: https://docs.kedro.org/en/stable/configuration/configuration_basics.html#configuration-loading