I see there is an `after_pipeline_run` hook. Is th...
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I see there is an
hook. Is this hook something that would run after each pipeline, or after all the pipelines have run? Or something else? https://docs.kedro.org/en/stable/hooks/introduction.html I should explain my use case a little to avoid a XY-problem: https://xyproblem.info/ I am considering using hooks to run Nelsie so the slides for the project are updated with fresh results every time the Kedro project is run. The slides only need to be generated once after everything else has run. Running the Kedro product will generate a variety of images saved as datasets, and then the Nelsie code will have paths to where those files are expected. https://spirali.github.io/nelsie/
for Kedro, every
kedro run
is in fact 1 pipeline. you can see that
exactly once: https://github.com/kedro-org/kedro/blob/c269cde7ce64318842c0a094e843937327b6bf45/kedro/framework/session/session.py#L394-L414
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@Juan Luis Got it! Thank you!
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Also should consider using Quarto for document preparation: https://quarto.org/