with the kedro version changes post v0.19+, what's...
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with the kedro version changes post v0.19+, what's the best way to load an ONNX file in the kedro data catalog? Earlier we were using kedro-onnx github package but that hasn't been maintained yet for the latest kedro version's breaking changes.
type: kedro_onnx.io.OnnxDataSet
There's also a lack of Binary Dataset in Kedro datasets, which may have worked in lieu of direct onnx support.
You can always vendor the dataset locally (i.e. make a custom copy in your project), making any updates necessary for 0.19. It looks like
hasn't been maintained in years. You could also explore saving/loading with MLflow via Kedro-MLflow, which is actively maintained. I don't have familiarity with ONNX, so I can't say for sure if it would work.
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@Shubham Jha can you open an issue on https://github.com/nickolasrm/kedro-onnx/issues with the error you get using kedro-onnx on Kedro 0.19? feel free to ping me
maybe @Nickolas da Rocha Machado would accept a pull request and release a fix
Sure @Juan Luis. I will try to raise a PR in next week or so.
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