Hello everyone. I have been playing with Kedro for...
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Hello everyone. I have been playing with Kedro for a few days and I just started to wonder how to deploy my pipelines to Kubernetes. I am deploying Kubeflow as well so it seemed natural to try and use the kedro-kubeflow plugin. I am seeing that it does not support Python >= 3.11 and kedro >= 0.19. the last commit is from Feb 2023. Does anyone know if it is still maintained? Thanks!
Thanks @Nok Lam Chan, sorry for the spam.
Hi @Guillaume Tauzin try with following in requirements.txt # code quality packages ipython>=7.31.1, <8.0; python_version < '3.8' ipython~=8.10; python_version >= '3.8' ruff==0.1.8 # notebook tooling jupyter~=1.0 jupyterlab_server>=2.11.1 jupyterlab~=3.0 # Pytest + useful extensions pytest-cov~=3.0 pytest-mock>=1.7.1, <2.0 pytest~=7.2 # Kedro dependencies and datasets to work with different data formats (including CSV, Excel, and Parquet) kedro~=0.18.14 kedro-datasets[pandas-csvdataset, pandas-exceldataset, pandas-parquetdataset]>=1.0 kedro-telemetry~=0.3.1 kedro-viz~=6.0 # Visualise pipelines # For modeling in the data science pipeline scikit-learn~=1.0 kedro-kubeflow~=0.7.0
Thanks @sandesh devkatte! I worked out something similar 🙂