The Ibis project (<>) is ...
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The Ibis project ( is on LinkedIn! Unfortunately, Ibis is not as cool and unique a name as Kedro (I can say that, right?), so it doesn't even show up on the list of options right now if you try to tag it in a post. 😅 If you're interested in the project, seen some of the Kedro integration blog posts, or otherwise want to help a friendly neighborhood Ibis advocate out, mind throwing it a follow? 🙏
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What’s ibis in Greek? Maybe that helps 🥸
What’s the meaning of the name actually?
It already derives from ancient Greek, apparently, so it's pretty much the same
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I literally cannot find it on crappy LinkedIn search 😅 it will be easier when you post something
yes yes, I see the URL. but following a page from another page is more complex than solving the Navier-Stokes equations of fluid dynamics
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