Hi, I have been developing a project on Kedro 0.18...
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Hi, I have been developing a project on Kedro 0.18.14. Kedro 0.19.3 has
, and this seems very handy for debugging and development. So, I did upgrade Kedro, but
%load_ext kedro.ipython
gives me
as follows. Does anyone advise me how to fix this?
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DatasetError: Class 'pandas.CSVDataset' not found
DatasetError: Class 'pandas.ParquetDataset' not found
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@Jonghyun Yun, I believe this is dependencies issue.
has been removed from 0.18, you can find that in migration notes. It has been moved to a separate package called
. Can you do this to confirm?
pip install kedro-datasets
and re-run your notebook
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Do let me know if the
works well for you, would love to get some feedback!
Sure thing, I will let you know how it works. It is a very nice feature, BTW.
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