Hello! I have a question with regards to dockerizi...
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Hello! I have a question with regards to dockerizing Kedro and exposing pipelines through either Flask or FastAPI, any of these options that have more community backing? Or other lightweight rest API that i can use to run Kedro Pipelines.
Currently there are a few approaches -
is popular here https://github.com/takikadiri/kedro-boot
Thank you i will check it out, does kedro-boot play nicely in docker?
It should do, but I’m not 100% sure if there is an example
cc @Takieddine Kadiri 🙂
Hi Erik ! There is two way for serving your pipelines as Rest Api, a declarative (kedro fastapi server) and an imperative one (arbitrary fastapi app integrated as a kedro boot app) where you can have more control. Checkout theses examples Docker packaging should work fine as it’s just a kedro project / python code Let us know how it’s going so far