We just released a Hamilton Kedro plugin! It allow...
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We just released a Hamilton Kedro plugin! It allows to track the execution of your Kedro
with the

Hamilton UI

. We have a notebook tutorial and a blog post providing a broader perspective on Hamilton and Kedro.
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I just spotted the blog post for this! This is fantastic! Let me finish reading it and I'll pop down thoughts.
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I just gave this a test run and it's cool to see the waterfall view too, reminds me of the Dask progress UI
@Thierry Jean is this based on OpenLineage by any chance?
@Juan Luis we haven't added support for that, but we could.
It would be cool for integrating with other system components, but the roadmap is always full of interesting avenues 😛
Help me understand, what was motivation for this? Isn't Hamilton a similar framework like kedro? Wouldn't one want to use either hamilton or kedro, but not both?
Ah I see the blog post, I'll read it maybe it answers my question\
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