Hello, I have yet another question about the dynam...
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Hello, I have yet another question about the dynamic pipelines. Is there a way to move the definition of
to a yml file? So e.g., I could dynamically change which pipelines I'd like to run (I want to run kedro from streamlit using kedro-boot) changing only a yaml file, without touching the
I know that I can of course just open the yaml file inside
, but it would be cool to use OmegaConfigLoader here in some way (so I can change the local configuration file dynamically, and leave the base as the default)
Using this https://docs.kedro.org/en/stable/configuration/configuration_basics.html#configuration-patterns you should be able to load any yaml inside your config directory. It's what we use to get other configs for our application 🙂
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I'm not sure how it'll fit into your streamlit/kedro-boot usecase as I haven't used either of those with kedro, but for plain loading of different configurations, it works well
Thanks so much!