Hello everyone. I am trying to deploy my Kedro pro...
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Hello everyone. I am trying to deploy my Kedro project to Azure ML studio. After running the command 'kedro azureml run' in my Command prompt, I am asked to enter the Azure Storage Account Key for my storage account. I fill in the SAS key that I have generated for the respective storage account (and give it the full permissions). The pipeline will start running in Azure ML Studio, but an error message will be displayed in the first step of the pipeline: DatasetError: Failed while saving data to data set KedroAzureRunnerDataset(dataset_name=data_merged, info=for use only within Azure ML Pipelines, path=abfs://azureml/kedro-azureml-temp/XXXXXX a_merged.bin). Failed to upload block: Invalid base64-encoded string: number of data characters (1) cannot be 1 more than a multiple of 4! Does anyone know how to resolve this? Slack conversation