Hello. I'm trying to create my own custom dataset ...
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Hello. I'm trying to create my own custom dataset following instructions from this page > https://docs.kedro.org/en/stable/api/kedro.io.AbstractDataset.html. However I keep getting the below error whenever I use this import line.
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from <http://kedro.io|kedro.io> import AbstractDataset
Do I need to pip install AbstractDataset in a similar way you do with other extra datasets e.g.
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pip install "kedro[AbstractDataset]"
For context I am using
. Thanks! Error
ImportError: cannot import name 'AbstractDataset' from '<http://kedro.io|kedro.io>'
No, I believe it's not an optional dependency, it's included in base.
Thanks @Artur Dobrogowski. Any ideas on why I'm getting that error then?
that's the location it's in kedro 0.19, it could be in other place in 0.18
I got it
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>>> from <http://kedro.io|kedro.io> import AbstractDataSet
Looks like naming convention change wasn't applied yet at 0.18.8
at least to AbstractDataSet and it's spelled differently
Yeah think that's it. Thanks. That name change has caught me out a few times! 😅
Me too 😛
also when using older kedro try to search docs for your kedro version: https://docs.kedro.org/en/0.18.8/data/kedro_io.html#abstractdataset you can switch it in bottom right
this 2
Yeah that's a very good point that I did not know you could do so thanks!
@Artur Dobrogowski looking back through the docs would I be right in thinking that the name change was implemented post
yeah that's about the time I remember
.12 .11 or .13
I think it was more gradual with both names being functional at some period
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