Hey Kedro wizards! When I create a kedro session i...
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Hey Kedro wizards! When I create a kedro session in a unit test and run a pipeline, I notice that a file
is emitted into the working directory. What is this file? and is there a way I can disable this behaviour?
hi ...u get this file if you have kedro-viz installed, and it is created by a kedro-viz hook. It's used in your kedro-viz visualisation to give you stats on different datasets. At the moment; the only way you can not generate it is by uninstalling
. in future, we will have this file in
https://docs.kedro.org/en/stable/hooks/introduction.html#disable-auto-registered-plugins-hooks - you could also add
to this in settings.py, and that would probably not generate this file
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I am pretty sure this same question has been raised a few months ago. I raised the ticket to move it to a
folder and this has already been discussed.
I am struggling to find the github issue though, give me a few minute.
@Juan Luis I struggled to search older conversation, any chance that you remember which Github issue it is?
It has been marked as
priority for a while, maybe we can put it in the next sprint or at least by next release? @Juan Luis
Happy to include it in the next sprint @Nok Lam Chan @Ben Horsburgh 💯
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Should we move it to kedro-viz sprint? because I realised it's in framework sprint?
In terms of the code change, it should happened in
, it's a viz feature though. I think it's fine to put it in viz sprint if you are happy to take it.
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thank you! For now I've added a
to at least keep repo clean