There's a <note in the docs> that: &gt; Versionin...
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There's a note in the docs that:
Versioning doesn’t work with PartitionedDataset. You can’t use both of them at the same time.
However, I found on github pull request #447 that implies that you can. So, which is it? Are there any docs for that example? Maybe my specific question is which order do you define things? Using the "pikachu versioned dataset" from the advanced tutorial, would it be:
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  type: partitions.PartitionedDataset
  path: data/01_raw/pokemon-images-and-types/images/images
  filename_suffix: '.png'
    type: kedro_pokemon.datasets.image_dataset.ImageDataset
    versioned: true
If you put the versioned key in datasets does it work as expected? That's the best way to verify if things work.
I think it works now, probably an outdated doc. It wasn't available until fairly recently.